McNeilly Communications



Strategic Communications

We help you connect with industry, consumer publicity, and social media influencers. Our strategic communications create a unified voice that resonates with your audience, making it easy for you and your partners to work together harmoniously and create the buzz necessary for growth.

Media and Presentation Training

Our Media Training Workshops teach your organization’s leaders to connect with stakeholders and media, present yourself honestly, and manage high-stress reputation situations. We have extensive experience with star athletes, executives, and broadcast talent.

Reputation Management

Obstacles in business can be a real challenge. Our team is here to help you address them quickly and effectively, preventing them from becoming bigger issues down the road. With one call, we can provide the support you need to navigate any challenges that come your way and ensure the success of your business.

During a crisis, our Issue Communications experts team up with your legal team to develop effective strategies to communicate honestly with all stakeholders. We use a systematic approach that has helped brands restore their reputation. We can also advise you on the best practices to prevent these issues from happening.

Alliance Development

We help businesses grow by leveraging our vast experience and global network. We guide you in collaborating with like-minded businesses to achieve growth and financial value. We focus on developing sustainable partnerships that address all critical business needs. Our practical advice and tailored approach will accelerate your business’s growth.

Public Relations

A proven track record backs our success rate and client satisfaction. We go above and beyond in creating content, writing and placing news features, pitching to media outlets, crafting messages, preparing for media interviews, conducting photo and video shoots, featuring influencers, and securing placements in major publications. Our services aim to help you drive web traffic, increase brand awareness, and generate buzz that sets you apart from your competitors.